Fitting the LTL Bag

fitting the enduro frame bag

Our first prototype bags were patterned to fit a specific frame, aiming to fit the negative space behind the headtube. Initially coined as the "Enduro Headtube Bag", when we started running them on our other bikes, we began to test additional sizes, shapes and ways to mount the LTL bags. Some frames don't have a lot of space to fit a bag, so some creativity was required in order to fit a bag to the bike.

Initial designs incorporated hook and loop straps into the bag. That was fine when we were designing one-off bags for specific frames. It didn't work as well for our friends that changed up their rides or wanted to move the bag between various bikes, so we changed to a full webbing attachment system. This allowed us to strap it on any practically every frame we had. 

Our ideal fits place the bag as low as possible; while the bag doesn't weigh much, a typical 29" tube weighs around 200 grams. 29" tubes fit both sizes of bags handily, but we carry 27.5" presta tubes which will expand to fit 29" wheels while also being able to help out friends on the trail. (Some of our friends take it a step further and only carry 26" presta tubes)