LTL Frame Bag Fit Gallery: Small LTL Bag

The small LTL Frame Bag was initially designed to fit bikes with space behind the headtube. Though we developed the larger bag initially, we found a smaller size was required to squeeze into frames that didn't have quite as much space.

The limiting factor? We needed it to be capable of carrying a full size 29" tube, ideally without any unsightly bulges. While it can't squeeze in as much as the larger size, carrying a Turbolito tube is an option offers some that space back so you can add levers and a multi-tool if desired. We find a conventional tube an easier option, as we keep a bag strapped to every bike in the quiver.

Want to see what one looks like on your bike? Drop us a note and we'll do our best to get a photo!

Version 2.0

 The v2.0 edition is a tad larger, measuring 7.25" L x 3.5" H x 1.75" D.

 2020 santa cruz tallboy

 2020/2021 Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon, size large

 Propain Ekano 1 al

Propain Ekano 1 AL. 

Fits, v1.0

2020 Norco Sight Carbon, size large. We managed a large frame bag with a small (Camelbak) water bottle, but it was snug. The small frame bag fits with a bit of room.

norco sight size medium with a fernhill co frame bag

2020 Norco Sight Carbon, Size Medium. The medium frame loses a good amount of room in the front triangle, but our second favorite mounting location fits the small very well. We tested a two strap setup and it looks clean.




bmc speedfox with a fernhill co frame bag

BMC Trailfox, size medium. Not enough room in the front triangle, but it fits well regardless.